About Us

EMMI has been a coding, billing and accounts receivables management company since 1971. The Company is privately owned.  Our executives, certified coders and highly trained staff have over 250 years of combined experience in Coding, charge capture, billing and accounts receivable management and practice management.

EMMIs proprietary software is supported by EMMI’s inhouse programming staff.  EMMI’s software is on an IBM iSeries Power 9 Server. The IBM Power Servers are used by the US Government, banks, casino’s, hi-tech companies because it’s Security features and outstanding reliability. The software is designed to meet the information and financial needs of your practice.  Comprehensive data analytics, reporting, payer specific data is designed to assist you in managed care contracting; hospital contract negotiations. The System and EMMI daily operations on HIPPA compliant.

EMMI’s Corporate Compliance Plan meets Federal Guidelines required to ensure that all patient billing and collection information is HIPPA COMPLIANT  and meets OIG standards.

The Company provides services for over twenty-one specialties - following are a few specialties: Anesthesia, Cardiology, Emergency Department, General Surgery, Neurosurgeons, Neonatology, OB-GYN, Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery and Radiology.

CMS 2017 MIPS Qualified Registry

MACRA – MIPS CODING – EMMI is a Qualified Registry able to collect clinical data for MIPS eligible clinicians for submission to CMS.  Physicians participating in the Merit-based Incentive Payment Program will earn a performance-based “bonus” on their Medicare payments. EMMI’s clients will not be charged for MACRA coding and/or reporting.


PATIENT DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION – EMMI receives daily demographic patient information from Hospital’s and surgery centers.  The patient demographic information can be downloaded from the Hospital/facility systems and/or received on paper.  All demographics are validated to ensure that the proper insurance is billed the first time – which guarantees a rapid turnaround of payment.

CHARGE CAPTURE – Charges can be submitted to EMMI on paper or electronically.  Some of EMMI’s anesthesiology clients use Medaxion as their electronic medical record system.  These anesthesia records are coded by EMMI’s certified coders and downloaded to EMMI’s system for editing and claim submission. 

CODING - EMMI employs a dedicated staff of certified coders for specific specialties, i.e., anesthesia and surgery coders.  EMMIs coders are experts in the workings of an hospital based physician groups and therefore excel in capturing all charges and billing at the appropriate level of service.  No work is done off shore. 

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF CLAIMS –  EMMI has been submitting electronic claims to Medicare since the implementation by medicare to receive claims electronically.  Currently Medicare, Medi-Cal and/or Medicaid, HMO, PPO and commercial payers.  Approximately 97 percent of claims go electronically.

ACCURACY -  EMMI’s proprietary software edits claims prior to their being submitted electronically to payer.  Ninety eight percent (98%) of client claims are submitted electronically.  Because of the accuracy of the coding, editing and transmission most claims are paid in 8-10 days.  The days in Accounts Receivable are 20-30 days.   The MGMA average is 50 days.

PAYMENT ACCURACY – EMMI’s Expected Payment Tracking software ensures that the payments received are at the contracted rate and if not they are immediately appealed for additional funds.


DEDICATED STAFF - your practice will have the benefit of “a dedicated staff” that will know your physicians, facilities and patients.  “Your staff “will be able to answer questions raised by payers and patients.

EMMI’s Software and Reporting -  EMMI’s financial analysts work with clients to ensure that meaningful practice information is available and that reports are customized to meet the needs of the physician and/or facility need.


EMMI can execute the Group’s payroll; provide the data to the Group’s CPA for quarterly filings and annual state and Federal reporting. Manage and pay the Group’s bills.

Management Solutions Include

  • Third-Party Contract Negotiations
  • Hospital Contract Negotiations
  • Malpractice and Health Insurance Negotiations

For Suggestions Regarding How EMMI Can Better Serve You Please Call 800-350-6567