About EMMI


EMMI Physician Services, Inc., or “EMMI,” has provided medical insurance claims processing, accounts receivable management and practice management services to health care providers for nearly thirty years. Our primary service is Coding, Billing and A/R Management for physicians. EMMI bills for over 300 anesthesiologists out of their California and Colorado offices. The core of EMMI’s Claims Management System is ELECTRO-DOC- our proprietary software that edits claims, processes claims and generates reports. ELECTRO-DOC performs hundreds of edits to ensure the health insurance payer receive a “clean claim.” This process results in a less than 1% claim rejection rate. Once edited, the claim is electronically submitted to the respective payer either directly or through a clearinghouse. ELECTRO-DOC’s state-of-the-art expected payment reporting and contract compliance features ensure that our client’s third party contracts are paid at the contracted rate.

We understand the ever changing nature of the medical industry, so our software is updated continually to meet our health care clients’ needs.

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